Advantages of Apps

Our modular app can make your entire catalog available on the iPhone/iPad with video and enhanced content, without having to pay enormous amounts to developers for proprietary solutions.

Brand the app as your own with custom icons, graphics, names, and screens. Fill a virtual bookshelf with your titles and allow your fans to collect them all. Easily add new books with enhanced content like video, audio, and images. Communicate with your readers. Monetize your back catalog. Get on the iPad.

Your own app gives you several advantages over merely placing your individual titles on an eBook store.

If you sell someone an eBook, that's the end of the transaction. If, instead, a reader downloads your app, you begin a lasting connection to them. An app lets you communicate, build community, and offer free and paid content to your readers. It's a whole new paradigm for publishers.

  • Your books don't get lost among millions of other titles.
  • All your books are in one place. Readers who love your press can find new titles and re-discover old ones.
  • As new books appear in the app, readers are automatically alerted.
  • Enhanced content, including audio and video.
  • Build loyalty among your readers and the identity of your press.
  • Send text messages to your customers via Push technology.
  • The app will evolve and improve as new functions are introduced.